DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The EDOP has been designed with plug ‘n play electrical connections


Location: Near Tallinn, Estonia
Period : ongoing as of Q4/2018
Product type : EDOP150 with standard sand mining head
Contractor : UPrent

An EDOP150 as efficient sand mining tool

Some 400 m discharge distance a challenge? Not for the DOP pump! This EDOP150 – an electrically driven submersible dredge pump – easily bridges this distance between the sand mining pit and the spoil field. Even with an additional 10 m geodetic height.

The EDOP150 is mounted to its dedicated dredger

Damen delivered the EDOP150 including a frequency drive. The kit was mounted on board of an existing stationary dredger and commissioned by a Damen Field Service Engineer.

The E drive ensures a fast on site commissioning process

Fitted out with a special mining head, the EDOP150 loosens compacted soils to boost the operation. The mining head has jet nozzles delivering 8 bar.

The high pressure jet water nozzles of the mining head supply the mining operation with water at 8 bar