DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The DOP250 is mounted on the boom of a Komatsu excavator


Location: Harbour of Newport, Oregon State, USA
Period : January-February, 2019
Product type : DOP250 with cutter unit
Contractor : Bergerson Construction, Inc

The DOP250 as versatile tool tackling a variety of marine projects

Bergerson Construction is a contractor of marine construction projects working throughout the Northwest in both Oregon and Washington State in the USA. Up to now, they mainly tackled their jobs using their fleet of cranes and barges. Now, the array of jobs Bergerson can handle has been widened by adding a DOP250 submersible dredge pump to their fleet.

The DOP250 works at -8.5m and will remove some 20.000 m3 of sand and silt

The DOP-excavator combination has started on a harbour maintenance job. The Yaquina river has deposited over the years a layer of silt, sand and gravel in the harbour of Newport, Oregon. The job, removing some 20,000 m3 in total, includes dredging up to -8.5m and pumping the spoil over some 400 m. The pumped spoil is stockpiled for reuse on upland projects.

The DOP250 is fitted out with a cutter unit to break up hard packed sand

For the job, the DOP250 has been fitted out with a cutter unit. Both the hydraulically driven cutter as well as the dredge pump are powered by a hydraulic power unit on the deck of the barge. The total dredge package delivered also included hydraulic hoses and discharge hoses for a speedy start-up.

On deck the hydraulic power unit for the DOP and cutter drive is located

With the DOP a standard instrumentation kit was supplied enabling the operator to keep an eye on the dredge pump pressure and the dredging depth. For maximizing the uptime a spare part kit was supplied including wear parts and seals.

The easiest way to dredge deeper