DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The DOP200 and DOP250 have been in operation since 2011


Location: North Kalimantan, Indonesia
Period : Ongoing as from 2011
Product type : DOP200 with sand mining head
Contractor : Baramulti Sugih Sentosa

Various DOP dredge pumps empting tailings ponds continually

At a large scale coal mining plant on the island of Borneo, Indonesia, a tailings ponds is filled continuously by the mining activities. To make sure the level in the tailings pond is properly controlled, a number of DOP submersible dredge pumps is used. Some are mounted on the boom of an excavator as is seen regularly. Others are used as autonomous dredgers working around the clock.

As quite a number of DOPs is required to cover the entire area, there is a practical maintenance work shop on the premises

These autonomous DOP dredgers are of a straightforward design. A small pontoon houses an A-frame, in which the DOP is hung. A simple chain hoist allows the DOP to be lowered to the maximum dredging depth ensuring the highest possible mixture concentration. The DOP is powered by an onshore diesel-hydraulic power pack.

The DOP is at work in submersed position on the excavators boom, its drive is located nearby

All dredge pumps work at a max dredging depth of -5m. The discharge distance varies and starts at 200 m, where the treated tailings are pumped into the next basin.

The autonomous dredger is fairly simple, a locally made pontoon and A frame combined with the DOP for excellent dredging properties

A Damen Field Service Engineer visited the location to deliver a training for all local personnel. The crew has been instructed on regular maintenance, on the replacement of wear parts and seals as well as on general repairs – all of vital importance for the continuous duty of the dredge pumps.

Starting up slowly with one DOP, the rest would follow soon after