DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The DOP is an excellent tool for small scale civil engineering projects


Location: Gansbaai, South Africa
Period : Q4, 2018 – Q1, 2019
Product type : DOP150 with standard sand mining head
Contractor : Guerrini Marine Construction

An DOP150 as efficient maintenance dredging tool

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The bay of Gansbaai, in the Western cape province in South Africa, badly needed maintenance. The bay is home to a small harbour where the local fishing community moors their boats. Moreover, the bay is known for its wildlife attracting plenty of tourism.

The discharge piping of the DOP150 crosses the pier and discharges in the sea

During the past decade the bay gradually filled up with sand. This is now being removed, using the DOP dredge pump. The dredge pump is mounted on a wire crane, which is located on a pontoon. The pontoon offers plenty of space for the DOP’s power pack and a jet water pack for supplying water to the drag head.

The DOP150 is suspended from a wire crane

The dredge job involves deepening the bay from -5 m to -8 m approximately 22.000 m3 of sand. The dredged sand is pumped to the other side of the harbour pier over 200 m of Di 200 mm HDPE dredge piping. The pontoon can be relocated easily to cover the entire area.

The DOP pump is mounted onto the wire crane based on the pontoon

The DOP submersible dredge pump was on stock at Damen Shipyards Cape Town in South Africa. DSCT ensures a short delivery time and a quick hand during commissioning.

The pontoon is located in the shallows of the bay near the pier