DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The DOP excavates pipe line in the surf zone


Location: Near Safaniyah Pier, Saudi Arabia
Period : Q4, 2017
Product type : DOP250 with sand production head
Contractor : Murjan Al Sharq Marine Services

A DOP250 on a MultiCat – versatility is the key

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A DOP250 has successfully completed a job excavating two 48” oil pipe line located in the surf zone. Both pipe lines were to be exposed for inspection and then sleeving during a critical shutdown of the main trunkline. At the nearshore location, only 10 m from shore, the pipe line was 5 m below the sea bed - no problem for the DOP250. The pipe line was excavated and exposed ahead of schedule using the jet water assisted sand mining head. This allowed more time during the shutdown to perform the repairs.

DOP and MultiCat at work

The DOP250 has been delivered together with a MultiCat1908, fit for working in such shallow waters. On the aft deck, a dedicated A-frame for maneuvering the DOP dredge pump is mounted; fore deck is used for locating the DOP drive, being a diesel hydraulic power pack, as well as a jet pack.

DOP on MultiCat in surf zone

This jet pack feeds the DOP250’s sand mining head. The pressurized water loosens the soil and boosts the dredge pump’s mixture concentration. As a result both pipe lines were cleared effortlessly.

MultiCat Side view DOP in crane

The mined sand was pumped to a nearby temporary storage location. After the necessary inspection and repairs to both pipe lines, the DOP250 returned the sand from the stock pile to both locations, backfilling the pipe lines.

All Dredging Package elements including floating discharge piping and the power pack