DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The DOP dredges at an average of 20%-35% mixture concentration, pumping sand, gravel and clay


Location: “De Rosslag” marina, Herten, The Netherlands

Period : Q3, 2016 – Q1, 2017

Product type : DOP350 with sand production head

Contractor : Martens & Van Oord

The large spherical passage ensures that the boulders pass through the pump without stopping the dredging process

The capacity of the existing marina “De Rosslag” on the river Maas is being doubled using a DOP350. The submersible dredge pump wins the local mixture of sand, gravel and clay to a depth of approx. 6.5 m. The medium sand won on the spot is partially reused on the spot to build quays, a parking area etc; the clay is reused creating the quay walls. The remaining sand and gravel is transported by barges to the contractor’s classification plant.

The DOP350 with spoil field in the background

The DOP350 is connected to a pontoon-based excavator. On the same pontoon a diesel hydraulic power pack is placed for providing the hydraulic power to the DOP350. Another pack ensures the jetwater to the sand mining head, thus loosening the soil and boosting production.

The connection between DOP and crane boom