DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The DOP as a cogwheel in a strictly coordinated job


Location: Oranjesluizen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Period : Q3/2018
Product type : DOP200 with special dust pan head
Contractor : Paans Van Oord bv

DOP smoothens bottom lock chamber

On the North-Eastern outskirts of Amsterdam a vital lock complex controls the water levels and salinity of the inland waters. Recently, Paans Van Oord renovated the lock complex, which was a major challenge in the short time frame available, the minimal work space and never ceasing busy maritime traffic.

The full job lasted only 4 weeks, and the crammed program included a wide range of renovation and repair jobs to the lock sill and lock head. The lock bottom was cleaned using the DOP submersible dredge pump.

The DOP200 delivered the dredged mixture to a barge alongside the pontoon

The DOP200 had been fitted out with a special suction head, being a dustpan. This jet water assisted head has been designed to pump away sediments and leave a smooth lock bottom behind. The DOP200 was mounted on the boom of a Liebherr R954C EW excavator, which had been placed on crane barge “Anna-Catharina”.

The DOP200 was fixed onе the crane boom of a Liebherr excavator

Only 3 days were required by the DOP200 and crew to clean the lock bottom – which has a surface of just over 1.000 m2. The sediment was pumped in a barge located alongside the crane barge. An excellent example of a DOP used as a small cogwheel in a complicated renovation job.

The DOP200 worked within the confined space of the locks