DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The 3 DOP dredge pumps work together in an efficient dredging process


Location: Middle East

Period : Q1-2, 2016

Product type : 3 x DOP250 with sand production head & leveller head

Contractor : CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co. Ltd.

1 DOP for sand mining, 2 DOPs for hopper discharging

Three DOP dredge pumps have been installed on a split hopper. One DOP250 will mine sand at -20 m using its jetwater assisted mining head. The other two submersible dredge pumps will empty the hopper, discharging the mined sand some 400 m on shore.

Adding the DOP pumps boosts the flexibility of the hopper’s dredging systems. Moreover, as the heads on the DOP submersible dredge pumps are interchangeable, the DOPs can be used wherever required.

DOP250 with sand mining head stowed in cradle on board of the hopper dredger.

The DOP pumps can easily reach those spots where larger dredgers cannot be used. The DOP solution is an efficient way of dredging involving low mobilization costs at maximum flexibility.