DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Rotterdam tunnel project uses DOP pump for sand removal

Location: Blankenburgtunnel, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Period: Q3/2020-Q1/2021
Product type: DOP200 with sand mining head
Contractor: Verboon Maasland
Rotterdam tunnel project uses DOP pump for sand removal

In the Rotterdam area, a new motorway tunnel is under construction. Due to the challenging geological situation, the job has been done in various stages, using different equipment.

The top sand layer, situated at -10 m, has been removed using a DOP200 submersible dredge pump. This pump is handled by a pontoon-based wire crane.

The slurry pump unit pumped the sand from the building pit through a booster to a storage area some 700 m along.

The average sand production was some 300 m3/h of solids.

The next layer was a tricky one; the complete building pit surface had a 5 m thick layer of clay. This clay later was removed using grabs.

Underneath was another sand layer, densely packed Pleistocene sand. This layer of sand plus the next layer of gravel has been removed to a max dredging depth of -30 m, again by using the DOP dredge pump.

The dredge pump suction head was supplied with plenty of jet water at 8 bar pressure.

The DOP pump was a good match for the job as the building pit for tunnel had a grid of vertical poles between which the sand was to be removed, restricting the space for maneuvering.