DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Offshore trenching job completed using DOP200


Location: Kazachstan

Period : Q3-4, 2016

Product type : DOP200 with cutter head


To dig or to DOP, that is the question!

At an offshore location a trench has been dredged using an excavator-mounted DOP submersible dredge pump. The excavator, located on a pontoon, lowered the submersible dredge pump to a dredging depth of -6.3m.

The DOP200 is fitted out with a cutter head for mining compacted sand

The dredging project included the removal of some 90.000 m3 of in situ material. The removed soil included sand and clay.
A cutter unit was fixed to the DOP200 for the job. The exchangeable suction head can be replaced by a bed leveler head which has been purchased at the same time.

The pontoon based excavator lowers the DOP to a dredging depth of 6.5m

The job was a precise one : the trench was to be made tightly between 2 existing pipelines.
The project manager said :”We opted for a DOP200, because it’s dredging capacity exactly matched the dredged volumes we required”.