DOP Submersible dredge pumps

New wildlife habitat created using the DOP200


Location: Hollandse Hout, The Netherlands

Period : Q3, 2016  – Q2, 2017

Product type : DOP200 with sand mining head

Contractor : Van der Wiel Holding BV

“The quality of the mined sand is better when using a DOP compared to an excavator.
We mine some 7.000 m3 of sand per week at this location.”

In a large nature reserve called “Oostvaardersplassen”, the conservation manager Staatsbosbeheer decided to add a shallow stream for diversifying the wildlife habitat. The stream will have one steep bank and a slope to attract different animals, such as dragonflies, kingfishers and beavers. The new stream will be located in an extensive woody area, located on a good sand patch.

The DOP200 is lowered to the exact required dredging depth

After removing the trees, the top soil was removed using excavators. The high quality construction sand hidden underneath is mined using a DOP200. This submersible dredge pump has been mounted on the boom of an excavator, using a 2 m long extension for reaching deeper. The DOP200 runs on the hydraulics of the shore-based excavator.

The flexible discharge piping is connected to the DOP200

The sand, which is pumped over some 100 m to a spoil field, is used amongst others for construction purposes at an expansion project of Lelystad Airport.