DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Near-shore and off shore sand mined using DOP250


Location: Pakiri – Te Arai embayment, Auckland, New Zealand

Period: started Q2, 2017

Product type: DOP250 with sand production head

Contractor: McCallum Brothers Ltd

Efficient barge loading by submersible dredge pump DOP250.

An existing sand mining dredger has been retrofitted with a DOP250 submersible dredge pump. The DOP250 will be used for near shore sand mining of high quality sand used in the concrete and building industry, as well as for offshore sand mining for beach replenishment.

The DOP250 incl discharge hoses and hydrauli hoses during assembly.

The DOP 250 will be lowered on a wire. The dredging depth varies between -15m and -20 m. The mixture concentration is boosted using pressurized jet water on the drag head.

Discharge test in water.

With the dredge pump, a total dredging package was supplied. This turnkey package included a diesel-hydraulic power pack and jet water pack which were mounted below deck as well as dredging instrumentation for pump process monitoring, plus the necessary hydraulic hoses and discharge piping.

The DOP250 is mounted on a proper frame.