DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Electrically driven EDOP150 ensures a safe harbour

Location: Port of Esbjerg, Denmark
Period: ongoing as from Q4, 2020
Product type: EDOP150 with leveller head
Owner: Port of Esbjerg
Electrically driven EDOP150 ensures a safe harbour

In various harbour basins and along the quay sides of the Port of Esbjerg, a continuous build-up of sediment occurs. This sediment can even reach a layer thickness that is hinders port traffic. To tackle this continuous siltation, a DOP dredge pump will be used in future.

The Port of Esbjerg acquired a dredging system that fulfills their requirements exactly: it was to fit on their existing workboat named “Seal”, and the crew had to be able to operate the dredge package where and when required.

“We were seeking the most sustainable method for dredging at the lowest operating expenses and the solution provided by DAMEN gave us exactly this” says Dennis Jul Pedersen, CEO Port Esbjerg.

The dredge package consists of an electrically driven DOP submersible dredge pump, its gen set and its operational container. All items are placed on the working deck of the “Seal”, which has ample work space and crane capacity to maneuver the DOP pump as well.

“Lower environmental impact, moving the sediment at the lowest CO2 emission per ton was a key metric in our dredging strategy. Esbjerg Port continuedly manage correct depth, year round, for all incoming traffic and now we can manage this task in-house” says Jesper Jørgensen, Project Manager, Port Esbjerg.

The new dredge package will be used continuously, weather permitted. Along quay sides and in the basins the required depth of -10.5 m at low water level is to be maintained.

The layer of built-up silt is cleared using the electrically driven DOP pump. The dredged mixture is moved to the middle of the harbour where it is taken up by tidal movements.

The reason for choosing an electrically driven DOP pump is twofold: the e-drive is an environmentally sound no-leak option, and moreover the crew of the “Seal” can easily do all operational and maintenance activities for the e-drive.