DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Efficient mega barge emptying by DOP350


Location: Asia

Period : start Q2, 2017

Product type : DOP350 with leveler head

Contractor : NN

DOP350 mining sand in bulk carriers

As sand deposits are located more and more at long sailing distances from shore, bulk carriers are deployed to transport the sand to the rapidly growing industrial centers. Efficiently emptying these huge cargo vessel was time consuming; now a DOP350 is used as an efficient mining tool.

Project overview from bulk carrier to pontoon based jet water sets and sand deposit.

Damen delivered a complete turnkey solution, based on the DOP350. The submersed dredge pump is fitted out with a short suction head with plenty of jet water nozzles. These nozzles inject the water into the sand cargo and make sure it is fluidized. Two diesel driven jet packs and all connecting piping were delivered with the DOP. Thus the DOP pumps the sand cargo out.

The DOP with leveler head is fitted out with supplementary water jets.

To keep an eye on the production process, a production measurement set including a concentration and a velocity meter were delivered. Mounted in the discharge piping, the delivery of the sand to the spoil field was continuously monitored.

The jet packs deliver pressurised jet water to the leveler head.