DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Efficient hopper loading by 2 DOP350s – one at each side!


Location: XIAMEN Airport expansion project, China
Period : Q4/2017-2020
Product type : DOP350 with sand production head
Contractor : CHEC Dredging Co Ltd

Mining sand at sea at – 60 m

A 7.000 m3 barge has been converted in a deep sea mining tool using 2 DOP350s. The DOP350s, fitted out with a pressure compensation system to allow for the large dredging depth, are lowered to the mining depth using existing gantries. The facilitate handling, a reel system is placed on deck to accommodate the discharge hose as well as the jet water and the hydraulic hoses.

A gantry manouvers the DOP350 over board

The challenge of this offshore mining job is in the huge dredging depth of -60 m below sea level. The DOP can manage without any problems. Handling all hoses is the main issue which had to be addressed. For practical and safe handling of all hoses – and there are quite a 5 of them per set in various diameters – a deck-based reel is used.

Each DOP submersible dredge pump is mounted at one side of the ship with dedicated hose reels

The double DOP deep sea mining vessel “HANGBO 7001” will be used in the XIAMEN airport expansion project. At the airport, located in Southern China near the sea, a new terminal building and runway are under construction.

Damen delivered dredge pump monitoring equipment