DOP Submersible dredge pumps

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DOP pumps are designed to be user friendly and for ease of maintenance. For instance, a cartridge-type mechanical shaft seal that does not require grease or gland water is fitted. Inspections of the impeller can be made simply by using the inspection hatch, which is integrated into the suction pipe.

The DOP has been designed as a plug and play system

A dedicated service department ensures all post-delivery support. The service team has a detailed registration at their disposal of all equipment on board of the vessels delivered. This detailed information facilitates a swift delivery of spare parts and the professional operation of our field engineers. Materials can be shipped around the globe immediately, including all shipping documents required. Well-trained, experienced firld engineers can service your dredging tool. Full customer support is ensured during the entire lifetime of the dredging gear.

Short delivery time & life time support

Our Damen Field Service department offers post delivery support, warrantee and after sales services, training courses (in house and on site), technical check-ups and Service in remote areas.

All suction heads can be ordered separately – fit for your job