DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Dredge job on Coquille River

Location: Bandon Marina Entrance Channel, Bandon, Oregon, USA
Period: Q1/2021
Product type: DOP250 with cutter head
Contractor: Bergerson Construction, Inc
Dredge job on Coquille River

The 58 km (36 mile) long Coquille River flows into the North Pacific at the City of Brandon. The river forms a long and narrow bay; an estuary with plenty of tidelands.

The Port of Brandon located here mainly serves the tourist industry, as the area is renowned for good fishing.

The entrance to the marina off the Coquille River needed to be dredged. The job was to remove some 4.150 m3 (5400 CY) of material, at a maximum dredging depth of -5 m (15 ft). The dredged material is discharged in the flow lane of the river during ebb tide.

The overall discharge distance of some 365 m (1200 ft).

During the dredging activities the DOP250 encountered bedrock.

This hard material layer slowed down the process of removing the sedimentation, but all was removed to the greatest extent possible.