DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP250 with DOP booster working on DP offshore

Location: Offshore Brittany, France
Period: Q4/2019
Product type: DOP250 with sand mining head
Contractor: Dredge Pump Solutions for Jifmar Offshore Services
DOP250 with DOP booster working on DP offshore

Offshore in the Channel an intricate cleaning job has been performed by a DOP250. The vessel “Roxane Z” was fitted out with all dredging gear : a DOP250 attached to one of the on-board cranes, and another DOP250 on deck acting as a booster station.

On deck a jet pump set for supplying the suction head with pressurised water

On deck hydraulic power packs were located powering the submersible dredge pumps. Moreover a jet water set was placed on deck for feeding the mining head with sufficient jet water.

The complete dredging installation was placed on deck of the work boat

The dredged sand was discharged through a floating pipe line.

The 2 DOP pumps worked in series for an increased discharging distance

During the entire dredging job the work boat was keeping position using its DP2 system (Dynamic Positioning).

The modular dredging gear forms a flexible dredging solution