DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP250 with cutter cleaning Romanian harbour

Location: Galati, Romania
Period: Q4/2019
Product type: DOP250 with cutter unit
Contractor: COREMAR, S.A.
DOP250 with cutter cleaning Romanian harbour

In the Romanian harbour of Galati, certain spots were in urgent need of maintenance dredging. For this dredging project, a DOP dredge package was shipped over at an extremely short lead time. The DOP submersible dredge pump can follow the varying dredging depths in the harbour easily as it is attached to the boom of an excavator.

The power pack and jet pack are located on the same pontoon

The Port of Galati is located on the Danube river. Being the second largest port of Romania, the harbour needs regular dredging to keep the depths between -7m and -9m. The ongoing siltation of the harbour was tackled by the DOP dredge pump system.

The delivery includes floats for the discharge line as well as a mounting bracket for the DOP pump

The complete dredging system included a DOP250 fitted out with a cutter unit. The DOP and cutter unit were driven by a diesel-hydraulic power pack. To add to the versatility of the system, a sand mining has was supplied as well. As this mining tool requires pressurised water, a diesel driven jet pack was delivered. The self-priming sound isolated set includes a 130 kW diesel for powering the 300m3/h@9.8 bar jet water pump. The complete dredging package was delivered within 2 weeks.

In the excavator the operator has a screen to check the performance of the DOP

The dredge pump deposited the removed sludge into a split hopper, which disposed of the dredged materials outside the harbour.

The delivery includes an impeller hook for safe hoisting of the wear parts, documentation, instrumentation cabling and bolts for a fast project set-up

COREMAS, S.A. is a towage company based in Constanta, that has stepped into the dredging market to diversify its operations.

The DOP250 is mounted on the boom of the Komatsu excavator yet is driven by a separate power pack