DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP250 makes instant dredger of excavator


Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Period: Q3-4,2016

Product type: DOP250 with cutter unit

Contractor: NMDC

Complete dredging package delivered

In Yas Island, located in the United Arab Emirates, a navigation channel is to be deepened and maintained. The channel, connecting mangrove woods to the Yas Marina, is the be brought and kept to a max depth of -6m. Making use of an existing pontoon and excavator, a dredge package delivered by Damen turned them into an instant dredger.

The DOP forms an instant dredger.

The dredged material on site varies : in the mangrove woods silt and fine sand is dredged. More towards the marina the soil is compacted sand. Therefore the DOP250 had been fitted out with a cutter unit. The choice for this DOP type was based on the max weight the existing excavator could handle. Moreover, the DOP250 discharges the dredged mixture to 2 different spoil fields located 300 m and 500 mm away from the dredging location – a discharging distance which can be pumped effortlessly.

The DOP is mounted on an excavator yet runs on a separate power pack.

As rapid start up on site was crucial, a complete dredging package was delivered. It includes the DOP250 and its cutter unit, the required hydraulic hoses, a diesel-hydraulic power pack, a jet pack supplying jetwater including a separate sand mining head and a spare parts package.

The DOP package was shipped to the site in a container.