DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP250 dredges canal feeding power station


Location: Vatnsfell Canal between Thórisvatn reservoir and Krókslón reservoir, Iceland

Period: Q3, 2014-Q1, 2015

Challenge: All transport had to be done by road

Solution: DOP250 with sand mining head

Contractor: Hagtak

“The DOP package has proved the right choice, as mobilization to the remote site had to be done by road. All DOP components can easily be loaded on trucks.”

A jack up platform was fitted out with a deck crane and a DOP250, transforming into an instant dredger. The wire-suspended DOP submersible dredge pump removes siltation from a canal downstream a power station in Iceland.

An overview of the instant jack up dredger

The Vatnsfell powerstation is a 90MW hydroelectric scheme owned and operated by the Iceland National Power Company (Landsvirkjun). The Vatnsfell Canal manages the flow rate of the power plant from the concrete gate. The power plant being in operation since 2001, the canal needed to be dredged.

The DOP250 is mounted in a deck crane on board of the jack up barge

The dredging job was done by an Iceland contractor named Hagtak. Their modular jack-up barge “Steinunn” was transported to the remote location by road.

DOP Submersible Dredge pump at work

The DOP package delivery was added to the deck crane on board plus a diesel-hydraulic power pack, thus converting the unit into an instant dredger.

The DOP250 and jack up barge in icey conditions

Dredging works started immediately as the power plant needed to be up and running before the winter started. As electricity consumption in Iceland peaks in winter, the Vatnsfell power station is a peak station producing electricity during periods of heavy load only.

The DOP250 has shown to be the right tool for the job.