DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP200 cleaning up lake in National park at high speed


Location: Oberspreewald, Germany
Period : Q1/2019
Product type : DOP200 with sand mining head
Contractor : NN through Knoop Rental

Bird lake in National park to be cleaned at top speed before breeding season

A lake in the large nature park Oberspreewald in Eastern Germany, needed to be cleaned up. And it had to be done fast as wildlife breeding season was approaching. For the job a DOP200 was purchased at the end of February. The DOP started on location the 5th of March attached to a customised excavator – an excellent example of swift actions resulting in tailor-made fit-for-purpose dredging gear.

The DOP200 was directly powered by a specially adapted DOOSAN excavator

The DOP200 was attached to and powered by a 33 tons Doosan, type DX 300-5. This excavator had been adapted in only 4 days to enable it to drive the DOP200s hydraulics; the adaptations included amongst others the installation of different valves and switches as well as additional pressure meters and hoses. The excavator as well as jet pump set were located on a pontoon during the dredging project.

The DOP worked as a max dredging depth of 4,5 m, removing sand which had been deposited by currents over the years. The sand was pumped through floating pipe lines into 50 m3 barges which were moored alongside the pontoon.

The DOP200 removed sand at a dredging depth of -4.5m

The challenge was not the set up – done many times before – but the deadline. The DOP had to remove 30.000 m3 of sand in 3 weeks’ time – under many restrictions the bird sanctuary imposes. As expected, the crew, which was trained on site, used the DOP combination to its full potential. Hence, the job has been completed in time.