DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP200 cleaning up building pit


Location: new sluice at Wielsbeke, Belgium
Period : Q2/2019
Product type : DOP200 with sand mining & leveler head
Contractor : NN through Knoop Rental

Narrow spaces in building pit no problem for DOP dredge pump

A building bit can be a challenge to clean out : the freedom of movement is limited by the sheet pile and the overhead beams across the pit. At a new sluice project in Belgium the challenge was not only the limited maneuvering space, but also the limited time.

The DOP200 cleaned the building pit to a depth of -9m

The new sluice consisted of a narrow building pit, which had been divided into 9 separate sections. This compartmentation greatly reduces the size of construction material which can be used. In this case the DOP dredging pump was the perfect solution.

The DOP200 removed some 5.000 m3 of sand

The DOP200 was connected by a chain spread to a tele crane already available on location. A separate diesel-hydraulic power pack was brought in to power the DOP200. The DOP200 was fitted out with a jet water assisted sand mining head first : with this mining head the bulk of the bottom material has been pumped out.

The DOP200 was powered by the hydraulics of a separate power pack

The bottom of the pit was to be finished well leveled at -9m. As a result, after bulk mining, the suction head has been exchanged into a bed leveler for fully cleaning the bottom of the pit. This jet water assisted head ensures that the bottom of the pit is well equalized.

The DOP200 is lowered into the building pit withing the frame work

In total some 5.000 m3 of soil has been removed in 3 weeks’ time. A mayor feat considering the time consuming handling and maneuvering in the pit. And the DOP200 has been delivered from stock, ready on call. The delivery included training of the local crew for an optimal result.

The DOP200 was fitted out with some 100 m of floating pipe line