DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP200 assisting in a salvage operation


Location: Wanshan Archipelago, South West of Hong Kong, China

Period: Q1-2, 2014

Challenge: Working on a ship wreck at open sea

Solution: DOP200 with cutter unit

Contractor: Guangzhou Salvage Bureau, China

Vincent de Maat, Sales Manager

“The salvage job done by this DOP200 shows the versatility of the DOP and the practicality of its design.”

Extremely difficult circumstances at open sea was the scene of a salvage job in which the DOP200 played a key role. The nickel ore cargo of a bulk freighter sunk near Hong Kong needed to be removed by the DOP200.

The 57.000 tonnes of nickel ore were transported by the “Trans Summer” from Indonesia to China when the vessel was hit by the typhoon “Utor”. The 190 m long cargo vessel suffered water ingress liquefying the cargo; as a result the vessel capsized and sank. The hull rising some 5 m above the water line, the wreck needed to be removed. The Chinese government decided to do this in 3 phases : unloading the cargo, righting the ship and refloating the ship.

Unloading the nickel ore was done by the DOP200. The DOP200 was fitted out with a cutter unit and attached to an extended excavator boom, which was placed on the hull of the stricken vessel. The full depth of 22 m of cargo was easily covered in this set-up. Through incisions in the hull the cargo was attacked by the cutter unit – a necessity as the nickel cargo hard become a clay-like substance in de 6 months in contact with sea water.

The DOP200, powered by the excavator’s hydraulics, easily pumped 800 m3/h of mixture over a 100 m distance to a collecting point. The set-up allowed for maximum control of the DOP submersible dredge pump, making sure no damage occurred to the DOP or to the vessel’s hull.

The DOP played a key role in a difficult salvage operation, which was successfully concluded in August 2014.