DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP150 pumping in dried spoil field


Location: Singapore

Period: Q3, 2012

Challenge: Pumping dry sand by adding sufficient transport water

Solution: DOP150 with additional jetwater pumps

Contractor: Yoon Engineering Pte Ltd, subcontracted by Samsung


A dredging nightmare : plenty of good sand but no way to transport it efficiently. The DOP came to rescue.

In a large spoil field sand had been stored for a while. The sand field was a perfect spot for a DOP test to show if it could eat its way through the pile – all as a comparison for emptying large bulk carriers filled with a dry sand cargo.

For this test the DOP had been fitted out with extra jet nozzles

The DOP150 was attached to a crane and hung in a previously dug dry pit. The pit was filled with water supplied by large water pumps from the nearby sea. The additional water made sure that a pumpable mixture was created for the DOP150.

Crane handling mixture and hydraulic hoses

Depending on the type of sand and the discharge distance the amount of sand in a sand-water mixture can reach up to 35%. The other 65% therefore has to be water – and that has to be made sufficiently available. For this various water pump sets were used.

The DOP above the water filled mining pit

The test has shown that dry sand stocks can easily be pumped by DOP submersible dredge pumps. The challenge is the transport water : both on spoil fields and in barge unloading situations plenty of transport water is be made available.

Than the DOP can do its tricks.