DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP150 on water injection dredger “Borr”


Location: tidal harbours around the UK

Period: Q2, 2015 onwards

Product type: DOP150 with cutter head

Contractor: Van Oord

New water injection dredger “Borr” started its first job in the UK

A water injection dredger is designed to move light weight sediment such as silt by means of pressurized water. The water is injected in the silt layer by means of a jet beam which is mounted aft of the vessel. When the shallows are not only composed of silt, but also of sand, the DOP150 is used.

The DOP150 has been fitted on board to remove sand banks in shallow waters of for instance small harbours. Usually the harbours which are silted up are cleaned using the tide, taking the jetted silt with it to open seas. Yet sand is too heavy to be moved this way : it needs the DOP150, which has been fitted out with a cutter head, to be pumped away.

Damen DOP Submersible Dredge Pump 150 with cutter head

“Borr” is the twelfth Van Oord water injection dredger. The self propelled dismountable dredger has a max dredging depth of -14m. The DOP150 is mounted on a grab crane. “Borr” will work on various small scale dredging projects in the UK, Spain and Portugal.