DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP150 integrated in pile drilling tool


Location: Dead Sea, Israel
Period: Q3/2018 -ongoing
Product type: DOP150 with specific mining head
Contractor: TMS

Innovative drilling tool with integrated submersed dredge pump to remove the drilled tailings

In the Dead Sea, a new jetty was to be constructed for a pumping station. The local circumstances are quite challenging: the bottom material is very hard. No tool was available to drive the required piles into the ground.

Damen delivered dredging instrumentation with the DOP, TMS integrated all in their drilling tool controls

Yet TMS designed and constructed an innovative underwater pile drilling tool. This pile drilling tool is lowered into the pile, making use of a frame. This frame houses amongst other a winch, and is supported by the pile itself. The clamping force of the drilling tool within the pile is ensured as the tool keeps its clamping surface clean by means of brushing and spraying.

Damen only delivered the dredge pump and drive as the DOP was mounted in the drilling tool

Once the drilling tool is inside the pile, the winch lowers it down to the seabed where is crushes hard rock. The DOP150 is located in the drilling tool immediately above the drilling action. At the deepest point, the DOP pump works at -60 m below sea level, pumping the tailings from the drill over some 100 m to the surface.

The drilling tool is lowered into the pile

The construction of the mooring point includes driving 58 piles into the rock, all using this innovative technique.