DOP Submersible dredge pumps


DOP packge

Damen delivers the complete dredging package for immediate start-up on site.
This turnkey dredge package can include:


DOP submersible dredge pump

Heavy duty true spoil pump, designed over 25 years ago as compact and wear resistant dredge pump. To be used under water, tackling any intricate dredging job. The submersed dredge pump now knows many copy cats, but the DOP still is the only one with almost 3 decades of experience as true dredge pump. The dredge-proof sub pump is directly driven by a hydraulic or electrical motor.

Exchangeable DOP suction heads

The suction heads are easily exchangeable : they are easily mounted on their dedicated flange connection. The available heads include a mining head, a cutter unit, an auger unit and a pit leveller or barge unloader.
They ensure the DOP is fit for any dredging job – including yours.


Attachment to crane

The DOP can be fixed to an excavator boom by a quick coupling. For this, the DOP casing is fitted out with a top plate. Another option is using a chain spread for a flexible, faster & easier connection of the DOP unit to the hoisting tool.

Crane or A frame for suspension

Hoisting and maneuvering of the DOP unit is arranged by the excavator or by a dedicated pontoon-mounted A-frame including winch.


Hydraulic power pack / excavator to power the DOP submersible dredge pump

The DOP submersible dredge pump is powered by a diesel-hydraulic power pack, built into a protective casing. Or it can run of the excavators hydraulic power, depending on the available l/min.

Hydraulic hoses power pack to DOP submersible dredge pump and vice versa

Hydraulic hoses fitted out with quick couplings on both ends connect the DOP submersible dredge pump to the power pack.

Hydraulic hoses power pack to some suction heads and vice versa

Hydraulic hoses fitted out with quick couplings on both ends connect the cutter head & auger unit to the power pack.


Discharge hose

The dredged mixture is transported through flexible rubber hoses of which one end is bolted to the discharge flange of the DOP submersible dredge pump, and the other flange connect to re rest of the piping of which the overall length is determined by the dredging project.

Floats (on discharge hose)

Floats can be clamped to the discharge piping of the DOP submersible dredge pump, whether the piping is flexible, made in HDPE or in steel.

Further discharge piping

From the DOP submersible dredge pump to the spoil field floating and land-based discharge piping is required.


Hoses for jetwater supply to some suction heads

Pressurised jetwater is supplied from the jetwater pump to the sand production head and flat bottom head by means of flexible hoses.

Jet pack

A separate jetwater pump complete with diesel drive is installed in an easily transportable unit. The jetwater pump supplies the pressurized jetwater for the suction heads.

Dredging Instrumentation


As the DOP is meant to work submersed - therefore hidden – it is vital to keep an eye on the dredge pump’s performance. For that purpose, the DOP can be fitted out with a revolution counter on the bearing housing, and with a pressure indicator on the discharge pipe. Read out is arranged in the operators cabin.


Maximising efficiency involves a good process overview. This overview is given using a density meter and velocity meter. Two separate units, build in one housing, allowing the operator to boost the dredging performance. Read out is arranged in the operators cabin.


With no DOP in view it is hard to tell how deep you dredge – unless you add a depth indicator to your DOP. The sensor, safely mounted in the robust steel casing, enables the operator to dredge up to the required chart depth. Read out is arranged in the operators cabin.


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