DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP on precision dredging job cleaning a sunk barge


Location: Outer Hebrides, North West Scotland, UK
Period: Q3/2019
Product type: DOP250 with sand mining head
Contractor: Dredge Pump Solutions for Ocean Kinetics

DOP on precision dredging job cleaning a sunk barge

Offshore in the Outer Hebrides a barge was sunk near a fish farm. The barge had to be removed, which required freeing it from the sea bed first. The DOP250 was used in a precision dredging job freeing the barge from the surrounding soft clay and sand.

The DOP dredge pump turns any work boat into an instant dredger

For this precision job, the DOP was mounted on a crane on board of a work boat. On deck a containerised jet pump unit and a work shop container were installed. The DOP pump was lowered to a max dredging depth of -40 m to get rid of all debris around the sunken barge.

The job was completed swiftly – with 2 weeks - despite the rough weather conditions. The DPS rental equipment has been brought home on 2 truckloads only.

On deck the work containers including jet pack were located