DOP Submersible dredge pumps

DOP fixed to suction ladder of pontoon-based dredger


Location: Stadt Papenburg, Germany
Period : Ongoing since 2003
Product type : DOP350L with sand mining head
Contractor : Stadt Papenburg

DOP dredger keeps Eems river un depth

The City of Papenburg in North Western Germany is located on the river Eems. The river is the cities life line as one of the mayor German yards is located there. The yard, which builds a continuous flow of large vessels such as ocean cruise liners, research vessels and gas tankers, needs open and undisturbed access to the sea – some 60 km downstream.

DOP350L during maintenance dredging.

The dredger “Seeteufel” is operated by the city of Papenburg since 2003 in order to maintain depths within the port area. The areas of operation include in the outer harbour for access to the sealock, lock chamber, inner fairways and berths.

A customised reinforced suction frame.

The “Seeteufel” dredges in line with a specific agreement with the water- and shipping board of Emden in a so called “fluid-mud recirculation-system”, which is tide depending and computer monitored. By this method fluid-mud is sucked up from the 120 x 20 m fluid-hole and pumped into the river Ems. When the half-yearly dredging activities of the river Ems reach the maintained depth of 6,00m (at Mean High Water) the fluid-mud recirculation is stopped.

The DOP350L can be serviced from quay.

The “Seeteufel” is a pontoon-based dredger using a hydraulically operated DOP350L, which is fixed to a ladder. The unit is lowered by a winch to the required dredging depth, ranging from -3 m to -10 m. Two side wire winches are used for positioning of the suction head.

The DOP350L is hydraulically driven.

Furthermore the dredger can also be operated in “water injection modus” to liquefy the silt on the bottom of the river. Therefore the tugboat “Gerd Bliede” is connected at the end of the dredger in order to manoeuvre through the harbour area.

The DOP350L is fixed on a ladder.