DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Creating a new harbour – deepening and creating a quay wall in one go


Location: Mayfield, Newcastle, Australia

Period : Q2, 2016 – Q2-2017

Product type : DOP250 with cutter head

Contractor : Waterways Constructions

“The DOP250 dredge pump has proven to be the perfect solution to the project’s dredge requirements, with the performance of the cutter unit particularly exceeding all expectations.”

In Newcastle (AUS) a harbour extension is being constructed. Some 270 m of supplementary quay wall has been made using sheet pile. To be able to accommodate larger vessels, the harbour in front of the quay wall is deepened using the DOP250. The sand and clay mined here, is dumped directly behind the sheet pile thus creating the quay.

The DOP250 is fited out with a cutter unit for compacted soils

The job is done using a long reach excavator based on a pontoon. The excavator has fixed the DOP250 to its boom. The DOP250 runs on the hydraulics of a separate diesel-hydraulic power pack.
The reclamation area being very near the mining site, only a short floating pipe line is used.

Using the DOP250, the project lay out is become simple and easy to mobilize.

The DOP250 working on the new quay wall of the harbour