DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Create an instant dredger – add a DOP to your pontoon


Location: Aqaba, Jordan

Period : Q3-4, 2016

Product type : DOP200 with sand mining head

Contractor : Barracuda Diving and Marine Service

“The customer is satisfied enough to ask for more extensive work and other projects.”

Barracuda Diving and Marine Service has used the DOP200 for removing sand from a private marina, as the entry way had to be deepened. The mined sand – some 10.000 m3 - has been discharged at a 500 m distance using HDPE pipe line including floats.

The pontoon houses a power pack which drives the DOP

The DOP submersible dredge pump has been bought on the second hand market, and includes a cutter unit and a sand mining head. Making use of their existing fleet, Barracuda adapted their vessel “Blue Sea” for handling the DOP and the discharge piping. The pontoon also accommodates the diesel-hydraulic power pack. Thus an instant dredger has been created.

As the heads are exchangeable the cutter unit can be mounted easily

Using the DOP200, the project lay out is simple and easy to mobilize. The DOP dredger has started on it’s second project already, removing some 20.000 m3 of sand.