DOP Submersible dredge pumps

Burying E-cabling deeper

Location: Noordwijk beach, the Netherlands
Period: Q4/2021
Product type: DOP250
Contractor: Martens & van Oord for Jan de Nul
Burying E-cabling deeper

At Noordwijk, the Netherlands, a number of electricity cables coming from wind farms located in the North Sea reach the land. Recently, one of these cables were found to be too close to the surface with only 1.5 m of sand on top.

The decision was made to bury them deeper below the surface.

To do this job, Jan de Nul designed and built a special vehicle. The trencher is designed to work in the surf zone independently, and bury the cables using pressurised water.

This is where 2 Damen DOP250 submersible dredge pumps come into the picture.

On the trencher, which has been called “Sunfish”, the 2 wear resistant DOP dredge pumps are mounted. These dredge pumps supply some 1.250 m3/h of sea water each to both robotic arms.

Fluidising the sand , the cables are buried deeper using gravity.

Opting for a DOP dredge pump is a logical choice, albeit that mainly sea water is pumped. In the surf zone the turbulence of the blow away sand is such that it is quite likely it will be caught by the suction side of the dredge pumps.

As the pumps have ample wear allowance, their robust design is perfect for the job.