DOP Submersible dredge pumps

A DOP200 will fill geotubes offshore


Location: Mediterranean coast, Israel
Period : Q3/4-2018
Product type : DOP200 with leveler head
Contractor : TAM Marine

The sand-filled geotubes will act as breakwater, preventing coastal erosion

Everywhere around the world coasts are under constant attack of the continuous wave action. To protect the Israeli coastline near Mediterranean coast, a series of breakwaters will be constructed. These breakwaters will be somewhat unconventional : no concrete structures, but geotubes filled with sand.

Pumping water during trials runs, but doing some 800 m3 of mixture per hour

A geotube is a textile sleeve which is filled with sand mined locally by the DOP200. The geotubes, of 660 m3 each, will be positioned carefully to reduce the wave forces offshore before they reach the coast line thus preventing erosion.

The A frame hoists the DOP entirely over board

The DOP doing the job is a DOP200 fitted out with a jet water assisted leveler head. It will mine sand at a max depth of -7m. The discharge distance to the geotubes varies between 200 m and 500 m, which the DOP can bridge effortlessly, doing some 800 m3/h of mixture per hour.

The DOP and frame are placed on board of a workboat with plenty deck space for a hydraulic power pack and jet pack

The submersible dredge pump has been installed on a work boat. A dedicated A-frame has been made to handle the dredge pump and to put is fully overboard when mining sand. On the work boat the hydraulic power pack and jet water pack are located on deck.

The hydraulic connections are well protected within the steel casing of the DOP

The DOP dredge pump has been delivered as a complete turnkey package. At the Damen Dredging yard, a 20’ container was stowed with the DOP, its exchangeable dredge head, hydraulic hoses for powering the DOP, discharge hoses complete with floats as well as spare parts including bearing oil, seals and wear parts. As a result the DOP dredge pump was commissioned smoothly and could start the job straightaway.

The operators monitors the dredging depth, revolutions and pressure of the dredge pump