DOP Submersible dredge pumps

A DOP150 working on the Egyptian coast making a suction channel


Location: Dabaa Nort coast, Egypt
Period : Q1/2018 – Q3/2019
Product type : DOP150 with cutter unit
Contractor : TAM Environmental Services

Sea water inlets for desalination plant made using DOP150

On the Egyptian coast, a desalination plant is being constructed. The projects includes a 500 m long, 10 m wide and 4 m deep sea water inlet channel. This channel will be created using a DOP 150 dredge pump.

A dredge package delivery includes the hydraulically driven DOP150

The submersed pump is connected to the boom of an excavator; it is powered by the hydraulics of this excavator. The unit is situated on a pontoon, which will travel along the newly created canal.

Another container of the dredge package delivers a sand mining head as well as a jet pack

The DOP dredge pump was part of a complete dredge package. The delivery included a jet water pack supplying pressurised water to the suction heads – both a sand mining head for bulk mining was supplied, as well as a bed leveler for smoothening the bottom of the channel.

Containerised package deliveries easily reach any location supplying a complete turn key dredge package

Moreover, a cutter unit was delivered as there are hard patches in the area where the sand bed has to be cut by force. Also various mixture discharge hoses and discharge piping were delivered, plus jet water hoses and hydraulic hoses connecting the DOP150 to the excavators’ hydraulics.

Plenty of flexible floating as well as HDPE land line was delivered

The DOP150 has been fitted out with dredging instrumentation including speed, pressure and dredging depth indication.

Starting up on land, but at a later stage the excavator will be located on the pontoon