DOP Submersible dredge pumps

A DOP150 working in the surf zone creating an access channel


Location: Barra dos Coqueiros, near Aracaju, Sergipe State, Brazil
Period : Q3/4-2018
Product type : DOP150 with cutter unit
Contractor : BELOV

New power plant requires extensive maritime facilities

A DOP150 is working on the marine infrastructure at a power plant which is currently under construction in Brazil. The DOP150 is mounted on the excavator’s boom; the 30 T excavator moves along tracks which run along the pier. The maritime facilities include the construction of an access channel for the pipeline of the thermoelectric cooling system. Concrete walls are built in the surf zone protecting the piping. And the DOP150 will create a trench some 600 m into the sea. For this, it will have to move 30.000 m3 of sand.

Both the discharge hose as well as the jet water hose are connected to the boom of the excavator

The DOP150 removes medium fine sand, varying from loose to medium compacted, in the surf zone. The challenges are the many infrastructural disturbances in the area such as steel cables and concrete blocks. The choice was made for the DOP because of its sturdy protective steel casing, as well as for the fact that throughout the project the sand production head can easily be swapped for the cutter unit, depending on the sand encountered at the specific location.

The DOP150 has been supplied with 2 exchangeable head here a cutter head is mounted

The power plant “Porto de Sergipe I”, located in the State of Sergipe in the Northeastern part of Brazil, is a 1516 MW combined cycle natural gas fired power plant. Its construction includes a dedicated 33km-long, 500kV high-voltage transmission line connecting to the national grid and various associated facilities.

Due to the forces of the cutter unit the DOP150 is rigidly mounted on to the crane boom

These include a floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) for natural gas, a submarine gas pipeline, water intake as well as outflow pipes and mooring infrastructure. The power plant start of operation is scheduled for January, 2020.

The DOP150 can also be provided with a sand production head far practical sand mining