DOP Submersible dredge pumps

A continuous cycle of barges is unloaded using the DOP350


Location: San Francisco Bay, USA

Period : Q4, 2016

Product type : DOP350 with flat bottom head

Contractor : Curtin Maritime Corp

“This pump is like a giant vacuum cleaner.”
Barges are unloaded using a specifically designed jetwater assisted drag head

Curtin Maritime Corp, located in California, USA, has taken delivery of a DOP350. This submersible dredge pump has been acquired to empty barges at the Cullinan Ranch Tidal March Restoration Project, project aiming to restore tidal wetlands in the San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Doing a test run on quay

The carousel of 4 barges are continuously filled by a clamshell dredger. The barges are emptied using the DOP350 submersible dredge pump fitted out with a flat bottom head, which has jetwater assistance.

The DOP350 pumps the soil to a disposal site, some 200 m from the quay. The DOP350 is attached to an excavator boom. It is powered by a separate diesel-hydraulic power pack.

The sale was concluded after advice given by PVE-USA.

DOP350 connected to excavator