DOP Submersible dredge pumps

The Damen Standard

Damen’s unique shipbuilding concept is based on what our customers want: the best quality, proven designs, short delivery times, low maintenance and excellent resale value. We have listened carefully to our customers to make sure we build exactly what they need. The result is a work method with the perfect balance between standardization and custom-built dredgers.

The best price-quality ratio

We offer our customers well-proven and tested designs and technology, competitively priced and innovative dredgers equipped with the possibility of a large range of options. By listening carefully to client feedback we are able to standardize our hulls and to meet specific customer needs we fine-tune every Damen dredger down to the last detail. The standardized Damen shipbuilding approach, known as The Damen Standard, has also become one of the fundamental core values of Damen Dredging Equipment, whether we build complete dredgers or dredging components, systems or instrumentation.

To reduce delivery times substantially, we build a wide variety of standard hulls and standard options on our own account and keep them in stock. However, these dredgers and the various options can be configured so they are tailor-made to suit customer demands or we build specials. We can deliver our dredgers with this wide variety of options and we are also able to give independent advice.

Short delivery time & independent advice